How Does Legal Technology Impact the Evolution of a Lawyer's Role?


    How Does Legal Technology Impact the Evolution of a Lawyer's Role?

    In the ever-changing landscape of legal technology, we've gathered insights from paralegals and client service directors on the transformation of the paralegal role. From the evolving roles with tech to how technology elevates paralegal efficiency, explore the four distinct perspectives these professionals have shared.

    • Evolving Paralegal Roles with Tech
    • Streamlining Work with Legal Software
    • Case Management Software Enhances Efficiency
    • Technology Elevates Paralegal Efficiency

    Evolving Paralegal Roles with Tech

    The roles and responsibilities of paralegals at Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller are constantly evolving. Paralegals are encouraged to explore new technologies and develop new skills, combining legal knowledge with technical solutions. Since starting at Hangley Aronchick approximately 18 years ago, my role has evolved dramatically. Where once routine tasks, such as paper filings and hard-copy document productions, are being replaced with responsibilities that are much more technical. I fulfill the litigation support role for each of my cases by working closely with both the client and attorneys on best practices relating to document collections, and by implementing the best technical solutions for that client. This includes, for example, research tools, cloud-based e-discovery platforms, analytics for document review, and trial support software. These relatively new responsibilities have allowed me to be more engaged in my cases and the tech world, as I constantly come across new technologies and solutions that allow me to do my job more efficiently, which is beneficial to the client and the firm. This continued evolution of technology requires the paralegal to be constantly learning and expanding on his or her capabilities.

    Maria Hunter
    Maria HunterParalegal, Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller

    Streamlining Work with Legal Software

    The advancement in legal technology has transformed the way I work as a paralegal, allowing me to be more efficient, productive, and effective in supporting attorneys and serving clients. We are always looking for new platforms and processes to streamline workflow. A great example of this is finding new and updated legal software to streamline document cleanup and editing. Drafting and formatting legal briefs, contracts, and other documents used to take hours; now, with access to innovative legal software, the time spent on document revisions and cleanup has been cut in half, if not more. Another great example is the evolution of online databases and research tools; I can conduct legal research much faster and more comprehensively. I have access to a vast array of legal resources at my fingertips, which helps me find relevant case law, statutes, and regulations more quickly.

    Victoria JankowskiParalegal

    Case Management Software Enhances Efficiency

    As a paralegal in an estate planning and elder law firm, my role has evolved significantly with the advancements in legal technology. One specific example would be the use of case management software. Our firm uses software that enables our clients to have a secure client portal, fill out forms for information we may need regarding their matter, and use those answers to automatically integrate with drafting software. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency across all client matters.

    Legal technology has also enabled me to streamline the intake process within our firm. Instead of maintaining physical files, we have now gone mostly paperless, with the ability to integrate the apps our firm uses to make it a seamless transition from the intake team to the team member the potential client will be meeting with.

    Overall, the advancements in legal technology have empowered me as a paralegal to work more efficiently, accurately, and have ultimately enabled our firm to better serve our clients.

    Adam Hundley
    Adam HundleyClient Services Director, Your Legacy Legal Care™

    Technology Elevates Paralegal Efficiency

    The role of a paralegal has evolved with the advancements in technology by enhancing efficiency. Software empowers paralegals to sift through thousands of electronic documents to pinpoint essential evidence. Document automation tools enable the drafting of legal documents with more speed, fewer errors, and free up time for other tasks. The technology elevates the paralegal's role in the legal team and increases billing hours. The new technology demands that paralegals stay current on the newest technology, which includes continuing education for software and legal education.

    Melody GoodwinParalegal